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Brama nuggets with mashed potatoes and celery sauce and fresh tomato sauce


Brama nuggets - 3-4 pieces

Potatoes - 100 g

Celery Root - 50 g

Onion - 30 g

Garlic - 5 gr

Fresh cucumber - 50 g

Olive oil - 30 g

Deep fat oil - 150 g

Canned or fresh tomatoes - 100 g

Cream 30% - 50 g

Nutmeg - 1 g

Salt to taste

Greenery for decoration

How to cook

Clean the potatoes and celery root, cut into tiny cubes, pour water and milk, salt. Simmer until cooked. Drain the liquid, add cream and grind with mashed potatoes to a state of puree. Add ground nutmeg. Salt to taste.

Cut onions and garlic into very tiny cubes. Fry in olive oil for a minute. Add skinless crushed tomatoes. Simmer for five minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the cucumber into a long slice and roll it.

Fry Brama nuggets until golden brown. Put mashed potatoes on the plate, Brama nuggets on the top, place the sauce, roll of cucumbers next to it, decorate with greens.