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Light-salted trout


Trout fillet on boneless skin - 1000 g

Lemon zest - 50 g

Dill - 50 g

Parsley - 20 g

Tarragon (tarragon) - 20 g

Sea salt - 50 g

Sugar - 20 g

Cognac - 15 ml

Black pepper peas - 15 g

For the sauce:

Cream 35% - 100 g

Grated horseradish - 30 g

Lemon juice - 15 g

Salt - 5 g

How to cook

Wipe the trout fillet with a paper towel and lay it skin down on a parchment paper. Slice finely the greens, add a  finely cut lemon zest, salt, sugar, cognac, then mix them together. Lay the mixture on the fish and spread it evenly on the surface. Wrap the paper like an envelope and put it in the fridge for 12 hours. After that, remove carefully the whole marinade.

Add horseradish, lemon juice, salt in the cream and combine before it gets thick.

Put the sliced fish on a plate, season with olive oil. Serve the sauce separately in a gravy boat.

3-4 minutes before the fish is ready, break an egg so as not to damage the yolk. Wrap the egg in spinach and simmer in water for 2-3 minutes.

Take the pea puree and spread it carefully on a plate using a spatula, lay mushrooms, and fish. Salt the fish a bit before serving. Put the egg on the top and burst the yolk. Decorate the plate with chili pepper and greens.