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Trout baked with vegetables in filo pastry


Trout - 1 pc

Onion - 50 g

Garlic - 10 g

Carrot - 50 g

Bulgarian pepper - 50 g

Zucchini - 50 g

Broccoli - 50 g

Lemon - 1 pc

Rosemary - 5 g

Olive oil - 50 g

Spices for fish 10 g

Puff pastry - 150 g

Fresh Tomato Sauce - 100 g

Salt and pepper to taste

How to cook

Wash thoroughly the trout and dry with a paper towel. Put some spices inside and outside, salt and pepper, add lemon and olive oil. Leave for 30 minutes.

Cut the vegetables into sticks, put some salt, add a twig of rosemary, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Place the vegetables inside of the trout. Roll filo pastry and cut into 0,5 cm strips. Wrap the fish in the form of a net. Put the trout belly down and bake for about 25-30 min at a temperature 170 °C. The readiness can be checked by tasting.

Put the fish on a plate. Use a sauce of fresh tomatoes or any other to taste.