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Mini pie with trout and creamy pouring



Margarine - 85 g

Sour cream - 45 g

Mayonnaise - 45 g

Flour - 195 g

Soda - 5 g



Trout - 95 g

Spinach - 8 g

Green beans - 7 g

Cream - 6 g

Egg white - 2 g

Onion - 45 g

Garlic - 5 g

Butter - 25 g

Salt, black pepper, vegetable oil

For glazing:

Egg yolk - 25 g

Water - 10 ml

How to cook


Combine margarine, mayonnaise, and sour cream. Add dough, salt, and water. Mash it. Cool in the fridge for an hour.


Blanch the spinach, then chop it. Fry onion with vegetable oil, add chopped garlic and butter. Slice the trout into pieces. Mix all ingredients: trout, green beans, spinach, onion. Add cream, egg white, salt, and pepper.

Form a cake. Put the filling. Decorate the top with dough pieces. Before baking, grease it with a mixture of yolk and water. Bake at a temperature 190°C  for 15-20 minutes.