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Pike perch and rainbow trout duet


Pike-perch fillet - 120 g

Trout fillet - 60 g

Olive oil - 60 g

Spices - 2 g

Salt - 2 g

Razmarin - 1 sprig

Garlic - 2 cloves

Cream 30% - 20 g

Couscous croup - 50 g

"Baby" multicolor pepper - 60 g

Fresh Spinach - 20 g

Asparagus - 15 g

Octopus Tentacles - 20 g

Red wine - 80 g

Sugar - 10 g

Balsamic vinegar - 10 g

How to cook

Preparation of the sauce:

Evaporate red wine in a scoop, add balm. vinegar, sugar, salt and a rosemary branch. Simmer the sauce for 7 minutes.

Preparation of the garnish:

Cut the Bulgarian pepper into small cubes, fry in olive oil. Pour the cereal into the fried peppers, season it, pour boiling water and let it swell. Then add cream and heat over low heat.

Season pike perch and trout fillet with spices, garlic, rosemary, sprinkle with olive oil and white wine. Fold in the form of an envelope and place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 7-9 minutes.

Serve the fish with couscous, spinach and stewed octopus tentacles in white wine, pour the sauce.