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Fish kebab with vegetable julienne


Minced fish (Rybprom) - 200 g

Carrot - 200 g

Leek - 200 g

Bulgarian pepper - 200 g

Celery Stalk - 100 g

Salt - 3 g

Ground black pepper - 2 g

Butter / melted butter - 2 g

Cilantro - 2 g

Vegetable oil - 2 ml

Ground black pepper - 1 g

Onion - 100 g

Flour - 100 g

Baking paper - 1/1

How to cook

Take minced fish and rinse well, add salt, pepper, cilantro. Fry onions until golden brown, cool and add to the stuffing. Heat the melted butter until soft and add to the mince, mix everything well. Give the stuffing the form of kebap.

Spread on a sheet of paper, soak it slightly with vegetable oil and put it in an oven /Jasper/gas cabinet for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 180-185 °C

Slice vegetables into thin julienne straws. You can also use a grater. Lightly salt and season with remaining spices and flour. Preheat the oil and fry the vegetables using deep-fat technology (at home it can be a little deep pan or an unnecessary stew-pan / ladle). Put the fried vegetables on a napkin, remove the butter and put on a plate in hillock or lay out.

Lay out kebab, can be served with yogurt or homemade sour cream, a little salt to taste. Put the rest of the cilantro in the sauce if desired.