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Pollock HOG


Pollock (lat. Theragra chalcogramma) is the most numerous type of cod. Pollock lives in the Pacific Ocean - from the Bering Sea to the Korean Peninsula. Pollock is rich in vitamin PP, it contains a lot of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iodine, fluorine.

Nutrition and energy value

72 kcal / 301 kJ

Type of cuts


Type of packaging

In the package


A package. Weight not fixed

Terms and conditions of storage

Not more than 10 months at T not higher than -18 ° C

Check out the price or call the number +7 (727) 331-13-79

Cooking method

You will need pollock, flour, spices and seasonings for fish to taste, vegetable oil, sour cream/milk.

Cut the fish into portions, roll in flour, mixed with spices and spices to taste. Heat the frying pan with vegetable oil, lay out the fish pieces and fry them on both sides until browning. After frying, put all the pieces of fish tightly in a frying pan, pour sour cream mixed with water or milk and extinguish, covered, for half an hour on moderate heat.