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Crucian carp HOG


Crucian carp  in Kazakhstan is represented by two species. This is an ordinary, or golden crucian (lat. Carassius) and a silver crucian (lat. Carassius auratus). The main difference between these two types is the size.

Nutrition and energy value

87 kcal / 364 kJ

Type of cuts


Type of packaging

In the package


1 kg package, Weight is fixed.

Terms and conditions of storage

Not more than 7 months at T not higher than -18 ° C

Check out the price or call the number +7 (727) 331-13-79

Cooking method

You will need: Crucian carp HOG–1 pcs; Mushrooms - 100 grams; Bread crumbs - 3 tbsp.; Lemon - 1 piece; Chicken Egg –1 pc; A bunch of fresh parsley; Ground black pepper; Salt to taste; Vegetable oil.

Cut the lemon into two halves and squeeze lemon juice out of one; It is necessary to clean the crucian carefully, rinse it with cool water, remove the black film if any; Moisten the peeled fish in the lemon juice, pepper and salt to taste; Champignons must be carefully cut into plates. Fry them in the "Baking" mode until ready; take a separate bowl and mix the dill, parsley, ground pepper, chicken egg, cooked champignons in it; Stuff our carp with the filling; The bowl is oiled with vegetable oil and carp is laid out in it; It is prepared in the "Baking" mode on each side for fifteen minutes; Now the appetizing crucian is ready. The dish is served on a beautiful plate, the fish is decorated with sliced lemon and sprigs of greens.