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Warm salad with pike perch fillet with red caviar and sesame sauce


Pike-perch fillet - 200 g

Green Mix - 4 g

Dried tomatoes - 4 g

Red caviar - 3 g

Quail egg - 3 pcs.

Sesame paste - 15 g

Olive oil - 4 ml

Garlic - 8 g

Thyme - 3 g

Sesame seeds - 3 gr

Salt, black pepper

How to cook

Preparation of the sauce

Clean the boiled quail eggs and cut along. Take out the yolk, which we will be using for the sauce. Rub yolks of 3 eggs, add 0.015 kg of sesame paste, 0.02 lit of olive oil, 0.003 kg of minced garlic. Then mix all these together to a homogeneous state.

Preparation of the pike perch fillet:

Defrost the pike perch fillet and remove the skin. Cut the fillet into tiny pieces.

Marinate the fish with salt, black pepper, thyme and 0.02 lit of olive oil.

Put on a parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

Preparation of the salad:

Take the mixture of greens - 0.04 kg (you can use any kinds of greens to taste). Fill the mixture with the half of the sauce and put on a plate. Then place the baked pike perch  fillet on the top of the mixture. Stuff the halves of quail eggs with red caviar and spread the greens on the mixture. Add dried tomatoes to the salad, sprinkle with the remaining sauce and sesame seeds.