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About Company

"Rybprom" LLP  is a leading Kazakhstani enterprise producing fish products, which meet national and European standards.

”Rybprom" LLP was founded in 2000.  For the period of its activity, the company has become an autonomous alliance, providing a full cycle of waste-free production of fish products:

  • fishing
  • fish processing and release of products: split fish, fish fillets and frozen HOG,  dried fish, fish ready-to-cook products
  • processing of fish remnants for high-protein flour and compound feedstuff.

Fresh reservoirs of our country, such as Balkhash sea, Zaysan lake, Kapchagay reservoir, Aral sea, serve as the main source of raw materials for our fish products.

With regards to the extraction and processing of fish raw materials, our objective is to ensure rational use of fish resources, deep processing of all kinds of extracted raw materials and imported marine fish species.

As a way of replenishment of fish populations, the company provides artificial reproduction of fish stock and seeding reservoirs of the country using juvenile fish. 

We are working on making our fish products popular both in the Kazakh market and abroad. Thereby, we are not only developing the manufacturing industry of the Republic but also, strengthening an image of the Kazakhstani product in the foreign markets.

The leadership of the company pays special attention to the quality of manufactured products, which can be evidenced by the obtained national and world  standards conformity assessments:

  • Products of ”Rybprom" LLP meet the requirements of the Technical regulation of the EEU 040/2016 "On safety of fish and fish products". Products of the company have Declarations of Conformity, issued by the National Centre for expertise and certification;
  • All production facilities of the company have veterinary registration numbers and are under control of state authorities.
  • "Rybprom" LLP is the registered exporter to EU states.
  • The company is certified in accordance with the international standards of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000, based on the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP):
  • "Rybprom" LLP  is the only company in Kazakhstan, certified according to the international standard IFS Food (International Food Standard), which makes it possible to export products to retail enterprises of Europe and North America. The company has been audited annually by IFS FOOD since 2011.
  • "Rybprom" LLP  is the only company in Kazakhstan, certified according to the international standard Friend of the Sea, based on the principles of responsible fishing and ecological safety. This standard has been implemented since 2015.
  • The company has been subject to regular audit since 2016 according to the international standard SMETA, approving our sustainable development, business reputation and social responsibility in the supply chain.

We are proud of the confidence and appreciation the world market and certifying authorities have shown us, and we are continuously taking steps towards saving and advancing the level of our products, relying on coherent work of the management system and our professional staff.

Company policy

"Rybprom" LLP is an effectively developing and socially responsible company in the production sector of Kazakhstan's economy.

To achieve high business reputation through continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, complying with the requirements of legislation and customers.

To ensure the achievement of the objective by implementing key factors of the company:

  • quality
  • customer service oriented
  • refresher courses for staff
  • health and security
  • human resources
  • losses and expenses of production


  • establishing a relationship of trust between Customer and the company, employees and the employer
  • quality of products  is the result of the team-work principle of the company
  • maintenance and steady improvement of QMS and FSMS (Food Safety Management System)
  • honesty, transparency, reliability, and flexibility in relations with Customers
  • ensuring the rights of all employees to decent wages. The improvement of the well-being of staff is the result of high labor performance and excellent discipline.
  • full harnessing the creative potential of the company's employees for the purpose of improving life and work quality.
  • decreasing of costs and losses of the production is the key to the competitiveness of the company
  • permanent improvement of safe production control, and ensuring the quality and safety on all stages of the production chain.
  • utilization of new technologies in the entire production, advancement of production processes
  • responsible attitude towards nature, active participation in the replenishment of the natural balance of water resources.
  • maintenance of the efficient scheme of information exchange with all external stakeholders (suppliers, contractors, customers, legislative, controlling bodies, other organizations) and staff of the company
  • Ensuring conformity with the requirements of the market and steady efficiency gains of the company's activity.
  • Seeking to make employee's labor safe and creative
  • Providing necessary resources for effective work of QMS and FSMS
  • Responsibility for proper understanding and strict implementation of the Company's priorities by staff.