Group of Companies

"Rybprom" is the management company of the holding, which manages the entire chain of production and sale of high-quality fish products.

The "Rybprom" Group includes several subsidiaries, each of which is engaged in separate areas of business:

  • "Fish Prodex" is a company engaged in the processing and transportation of fish products.
  • "Aqua Alliance" is a company engaged in the production of extruded compound feeds for fish and the development of aquaculture based on them.
  • "Aqua Food Trade" is a company engaged in marketing and marketing of our products in the domestic market.

FishProdEx LLP is a leading Kazakhstani enterprise specializing in the production of fish products. The company produces a wide range of products, including butchered fish, fish fillets and carcasses, dried and smoked fish, as well as various fish semi-finished products.

Annually, the company produces more than 2000 tons of high-quality fish products in demand, exported to foreign markets and sold on the domestic Kazakhstan market. The range of fish products of FishProdEx LLP is wide enough to fill the fish shelf in every store.

The company has been producing extruded combined feed for carp, sturgeon and salmon fish, as well as artificial cultivation of rainbow trout since 2013. The company has knowledge of the best domestic and foreign specialists in the field of aquaculture and advanced foreign technologies in its resources.

Over the more than 10-year history of development, the Company has built strong partnerships with world leaders in the field of feed production and aquaculture, adopting their experience and integrating an innovative technical process.

We are proud that each of the group's companies is a leader and a pioneer in its niche in the fishing industry of Kazakhstan. We not only produce high-quality products, but also develop new business lines based on closer cooperation and the formation of a sustainable business ecosystem of RYBPROM.