The company "Rybprom" offers investment opportunities in unique projects in the field of fisheries, which may be of interest to partners and investors. Our long-term experience in creating and managing the production and export of high-quality fish products is the key to the successful implementation of the investment plans of the RYBPROM holding.

We invite partners and investors who understand the substantial potential for the development of the fishing industry in Kazakhstan and are ready to invest in promising projects. For our part, we guarantee a high return on investment and a professional approach to work.

We invite partners and investors who understand the significant potential for the development of the fishing industry in Kazakhstan and are ready to invest in promising projects. We guarantee high return on investment and professional approach to work.

This project is aimed at providing deep processing of fish, mainly grown in artificial conditions. To date, the existing capacities of domestic processing enterprises do not allow for the growing volumes of commercial fish farming. This applies to both the technical and technological capabilities of these productions. The growing percentage of the share of commercial fish farming objects in the total mass of fish consumption in the main markets creates the basis for the development of exports of finished products.

To this end, we are considering the possibility of building and operating a modern fish processing plant. The complex will include the maximum technical and technological equipment of production, ensuring the production of an extensive product line. Several IFS, BRC, Bio and other standards will be implemented at this enterprise at once, which will allow offering products in almost all world markets.

The implementation of this project will allow us to bring Kazakhstan’s commercial fish brand to the international level and create conditions for the development of the domestic fishing industry

One of our projects is the construction of a modern certified fish breeding complex, which will be equipped with the most modern equipment that allows us to produce premium products and deliver fresh fish directly to our consumers.

Maximum energy efficiency and environmental safety of commercial fish farming for natural ecosystems are the key technical criteria of this project. In matters of production waste management, we intend to follow the Zero Waste concept, ensuring 100% recycling of fishing and fish farming waste.

In addition, within the framework of the project, we are going to develop organic aquaculture using certified fish bio-feed.

One of the most promising areas of investment development of the holding “RYBPROM” is the improvement of feed production products, the development of a line of fish feed and the expansion of manufacturing capacities. The construction of a new feed mill provides for a significant increase in the production of fish feed, which will meet the quality and food safety requirements applicable in the EU and the USA.

The release of products suitable for use in closed water supply systems and a full line of starter feed will allow domestic fish farmers and our foreign customers to completely switch to compound feeds produced at our enterprises.

The new feed mill is planned to be designed and built on the basis of international standards for the energy efficiency of facilities and taking into account European industry standards in the field of quality management and food safety applicable to feed producers. Part of the plant’s energy consumption will be based on the use of alternative energy sources, thereby ensuring the required level of technical compliance applicable to similar productions in the EU countries.

Partners and investors

We are interested in partnering with local and international companies that share our values and strive to achieve high quality standards in their activities.